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Welcome to the Myra House Holistic Living Center -
dedicated to the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Myrahouse provides a co-operative, ecologically sustainable living environment with monastic rhythms. We offer community outreach and education on holistic living topics such as organic gardening, contemplative prayer, and eco-spirituality.

At the Myra House, you'll experience a dynamic blend of creativity, community, intellectual inquiry, and restorative practice. We invite you to join the Myra House community and find a deeper connection with yourself, the earth, and others.

Herb Mound



Below you will find a few of the herbs we have chosen to grow, along with some back ground information and some possible ways the plant may be used.



  • Lemon Grass

Latin Name: Andropogon Citratus

Gramineae Family

Edible Parts: Leaves (Raw or Cooked)

Medicinal Uses:

– As a oil it can be used in aromatherapy and aids a sprain

– As a tea it helps to reduce fever, disordered menstruation, vomiting, diarrhea, and gas

      Culinary Uses:

– Good in teas and an essential ingredient in Thai food

  •  Hyssop

Latin Name: Hyssopus Officinalis

Labiatae Family

Edible Parts: Leaves and young shoot tips                      

Medicinal Uses:

– Expectorant

– Stomach tonic

– Treats bronchitis and respiratory infections

– Essential oil used in aromatherapy, key word is “ Stability”

* Should not be used on high strung people, should not be used internally unless with professional supervision

Culinary Uses:

– Flowers (raw) can be added to salads

– Can be used for flavoring in soups or salads

  • Yarrow

Latin name: Achillea millefolium

Compositae Family

Edible parts: Leaves (Raw or Cooked)

* Can be used fresh and dried

Medicinal Uses:

– Can be administered internally or externally

– Treats colds, fevers, menstrual pain, kidney diseases

-Valuable for treating wounds and stopping the flow of blood

– Combines well with Elder and Peppermint to aid in colds and influenza

– The fresh leaf can be applied direct to an aching tooth to relieve the pain

– Extended use of this plant either medicinally or in the diet, can cause allergic skin rashes or lead to photosensitivity in some people

Culinary Uses:

-Bitter flavor, exceptional addition to mixed salads

– Leaves can be used as a hop-substitute for flavoring and a preservative for beer

– An aromatic tea can be made from the flowers and leaves


  • Feverfew

Latin name: Tanacetum parthenium

Compositae Family

Edible Parts: Dried Flowers

Medicinal Uses:

– Well known for its treatment of migraine headaches and rheumatism

-The leaves and flowering heads are anti-inflammatory

-Use with caution, the fresh leaves can cause dermatitis and mouth ulcers if consumed

Culinary Uses:

-A tea can be made from the dried flowers

-Dried flowers can also be used in flavoring certain pastries



         Live in complete harmony with Nature,

         Experience the grace of God in the

         Splendor of the universe.

         Be blessed by God’s reassuring love,

         The sweet dawn will sweeten your soul,

         The dazzling mid-day will set your

         Hearts aflutter,

         And the serene music of your soul will

         Guide you towards peace and prosperity.

         And when the day’s task is over you

         Will sleep in the lap of Mother Nature,

         All the deities will be favorable to you.

                                                               -Rig Veda      


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