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An Ecological Manifesto

by admin on May 16th, 2015

An Ecological ManifestoOne of my resolutions in 2015 is to live as calmly as possible, consistent with what the year of the Sheep in the Asian calendar is scheduled to bring. Instead of taking up new projects, I try to appreciate what has already been accomplished. The Living Water Farm keeps me busy enough with all its daily chores and demands. Additionally, much of my energy is going towards completing the final year of my four year Oriental Medicine program.

Although the past few months have passed without much excitement, the memories of last summer’s backpacking trip with my son, David, in the United Kingdom, sustains me with passion. The trip reminds me of the importance of committing to the ecological principles that remain the bedrock of Myra House’s manifesto.

The most noteworthy part of our 30 day journey was our 8 day trek through the West Highland Way in Scotland. We started in a small city, Milngavie, and after heading north for 95 miles, finished in Fort Williams. The landscape was lush, full of streams and rivers. Perfectly placed stepping stones and sturdy wooden bridges helped to keep us moving forward. The trail had clear sign posts and easy access to the appropriate paths. Meandering deer, sheep, and cows seemed to seamlessly blend in, roaming in and out of their fenceless farm lands. We also had great company with travelers and hikers from all over the world. Each day, acquaintances turned into friendships, blossoming deeper each mile. I recall one night after a long rainy night of walking, we had the fortune of sleeping in a cabin. After dinner, I brought out my bamboo flute and to my surprise, found a German guitar player beginning to improvise with the melody. Those moments have remained in me as reminders that even when we are far from home and comfort, grace is always present.

The pinnacle of that 8 day trek occurred on the 7th day. After climbing 330 meters up an ascending mountainside, we beheld the spectacular Ben Nevis River in our view. From that point on, we were immersed in the magic of intertwining pristine canyons, mountains and lakes until the refreshing inevitability of night fall. In contrast to the dire state of the California drought, Scotland’s lush landscape, fast flowing rivers and lochs made me hopeful. I felt goose bumps as I let myself be cleansed and sanctified by the invigorating waters and mountain top breezes running swiftly through these Highland forests, millions of years old. It was an eye opening experience to see how earth Gaia keeps in balance both extreme climates on opposite sides of the planet.

Upon returning from this trip, I reaffirmed my ecological manifesto—wisdom centered and derived from the earth’s eco system—which I have learned and practiced since Myra House began.

I am alive here today, another new day from decades of years of days adding up to the present, fueled by the life giving energy of planet Gaia. My physical body and mental psyche are renewed moment by moment as I participate with the earth’s constant cycles and evolutions. I have no choice but to live according to the stages of the fertility cycle reflected in nature, the wheel of life—birth, growth, maturity, death, decay and

rebirth. As such, I cannot believe in the idea of accidental birth, growth, or transformation. When I was born, the ecological unconsciousness was implanted in the core of my substance, sharing in the collective psyche of all living beings. This creates a mutual

dependent relationship between my wellbeing and the wellbeing of planet Gaia, as Gaia has imparted her fecundity to all living organisms.

I believe that the roots of my mental and psychic illnesses derive from trauma to my ecological unconsciousness. Such trauma derives from my childhood experiences and broken nurturing environments. In light of these events that we cannot control, pain, sadness, and suffering seem inevitable and out of my choice. Sometimes these sufferings are so unbearable and hard to let go, especially when created as a result of close relationships with family and friends. However, despite the presence of scars and wounds, both detectable and undetectable, they can be healed through our intimate relationship with planet Gaia. In fact, my duty and calling to this world only becomes clearer and developed when my ecological unconsciousness is awakened. This occurs when I spend enough quality time with the soil and plant, recognizing that this work is an art, and must be done with mindful practice.

The center of my home is a place where we can share our failures and tragedies, as well as our joys and successes. It is a base region that works like an immune cell essential to the whole body of planet Gaia. Thus, the health of my home matters to the health of the planet. In observing a garden in a small lot, it is evident that there is unique beauty in the diversity and distinctions of each plant and tree, while at the same time revealing a unifying beauty. Healthy sustainability of garden is achieved through the diverse contributions of individual co-living bacteria, bugs, worms, and insects. True beauty is certainly not created as a result of a select few who represent the survival of the fittest through dominating and manipulative tactics.

Therefore, begin each day as a new beginning. Inhale deeply the air that planet Gaia breathes to sustain her ecosystem. Live each day fully, imagining that it is the day before the last day of my life. In this way, I live with more pleasure and responsibility than as if it were the last day of my life. I will give my full attention to the small individual tasks at hand that meets me each moment. Slow down. Walk humbly, trusting that planet Gaia has sustained her life for billions of years without fail. It is my responsibility to choose to live creatively and harmoniously in order to contribute my part to the whole beauty and wonder of planet Gaia. SJS-O51515

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