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Come, bees! Come, butterflies!

by admin on May 31st, 2014

Butterflies and BeesOn a bright Sunday morning in April, the ears of my heart opened to a short poem by Emily Dickinson:

In the name of the Bee-
And of the Butterfly-
And of the Breeze- Amen!

It was a perfect invocation for us to the garden. Many things happened this spring and was as busy as previous years. As always, spring is a time of renewal and change. But this year, spring seemed even more active. All the soil beds were planted with vegetable seedlings that are now growing abundantly. Thanks to our two years of farming experience, we were finally able to recognize the edible greens that were best suited for the Inland north Claremont weather. They are lettuce, peppers, zucchinis, cucumber, basil and egg plant. Two dozen lavender bushes found their niche near the north side fence. The variety of tomatoes was placed along the west side of the farm fence. The avocadoes and figs are thriving, which is a new occurrence in comparison to past years. Every task including the Earth Day event has been well taken care of by residents, especially our newest residents, Natalie and Lauren.

The farm during the spring season seems to require restless labor. But the Sundays of that season were an irreplaceable retreat time for Myra and me. We kept each Sunday as our Sabbath, withdrawing from our former church activities. We embraced the solitude and were able to cultivate new enriching hobbies: I paint and Myra plays the piano. We taste sweet freshness of our homegrown herbs and vegetables mixed in simple pasta. And we feel heavenly blessings as we meditate with residents and visitors in the evening. Most of all, we have begun to appreciate all of what the garden offers. What an opulent cornucopia that emerges from the soil! They provide us with a tangible sphere of eternity, which draws our faculties nearer to see, smell, and taste their beauty and goodness. Feeling the caress of the spring breeze, we have felt a completeness, having no desire to be anywhere else but in and near the garden on Sundays.

This spring marks the 3rd year since the farm project started. It is more colorful with a stunning wonder and pristine peace than any other year. Our garden exhibits the virtues that humans have strived for since the ancient times: truth, goodness and beauty. Ralph Waldo Emerson was right in saying that nature awakens the ears of our ears and opens the eyes of our eyes, calling us to be more attentive. Nature’s splendid scene pulls our undivided attention in. As we open our ears to the bee’s hums and our eyes to the butterfly’s flights, our amazement comprises no boundaries. And our senses stand in awe of the bees and butterflies and their jest. How swiftly the bee moves from sage to daisy to rosemary and then to the apple tree. Their diligent work makes it possible for the flowers to bloom and the apples to ripe. Without the bees’ pollination, oranges, blueberries, avocados and cucumbers could not exist. How exquisite are the patterns of the butterflies’ wings, how freely they fly near and far. Without the butterflies’ cross-pollination, our lavender and hollyhock would never produce seeds to regenerate.

Gophers still dig their holes and leave dirt mounds. Rabbits continue to visit and snip away fresh greens. Bull frogs have made a home in our pond and their bellowing sounds amplify after sunset. These creatures have been a nuisance to us by hindering our gardening efforts. But the truth is that they are worthy of life as they hold the key for a healthy environment and balanced ecosystem. Recent news has alarmed us that the earth has reached its “point of no return,” leading us down a devastating path. The ozone depleting process is warming our earth and ice is melting. Six glaciers near the North Pole will melt out no later than 800 years. And the day will come when gophers will no longer dig holes, rabbits will no longer steal our lettuce and frogs will no longer bellow. And the bees and butterflies will be nowhere to be found. Our graden represents a sacred space where transformation takes place by many bearer of good news-new life and new fruits. They are truly worthy of worhsip.

In the name of the Bee-
And of the Butterfly-
And of the Breeze- Amen!

For Emily Dickinson, the bee, butterfly, and breeze are the spring season’s natural trinity. What an incisive prayer for spring!

Come, bees! Come, butterflies! Come with your beauty and goodness and fill the garden so that we may breathe in awe of you.

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