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Welcome to the Myra House Holistic Living Center -
dedicated to the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Myrahouse provides a co-operative, ecologically sustainable living environment with monastic rhythms. We offer community outreach and education on holistic living topics such as organic gardening, contemplative prayer, and eco-spirituality.

At the Myra House, you'll experience a dynamic blend of creativity, community, intellectual inquiry, and restorative practice. We invite you to join the Myra House community and find a deeper connection with yourself, the earth, and others.

About Us

Myra represents a person who is stepping towards a new beginning–out of the fear, anger, despair and feelings of worthlessness resulting from authoritarian superiority, institutional tyranny, heavy materialistic pressure, constant cultural prejudice, and social and ecological injustice. The Myra House is a place of holistic dwelling that promotes ecological principles and supports an alternative life style in harmony with natural energy flows and spirituality–all within an organic, regenerative environment.


•To advocate a simple, organic way of living by pursuing ecological principles

•To protect the earth and to promote personal healing, well being and spirituality by providing an organically creative environment

•To strive for holistic living through communal praying, gardening and educating present and future generations


HLC recognizes the urgency of the earth’s deterioration as well as human beings’ excessive materialism in the fast-moving life style of our time. Therefore, HLC exists as an alternative environment (a spiritual healing home that encourages holistic living by pursuing ecologically sustainable principles that emphasize interaction and connection to all existing creatures).

Guiding Principles:

•We live according to ecological principles by emphasizing values in conservation and recycling. We practice organic gardening, applying the best scientific knowledge available.

•We strive to live a simple life by avoiding fast moving patterns of life, by opposing selfish individualism, excessive consumption, oppressive materialism, and profit making.

•We promote a co-operative fellowship by sharing an organic environment based on practice and theory for personal healing, well-being and spirituality as well as the expression of each individual’s creativity.

•We are responsible for earth care by committing ourselves daily to recycling waste and water, generating natural energy from the sun, wind, green waste and composting

•We value sustainability by pursuing ecological principles that emphasize relations, interaction, and inter-connection among all existing creatures whether alive or deceased, encompassing nature and culture.

•We strive for holistic living incorporating a communal way of praying and gardening, pursuing a simple, frugal yet joyous life toward healing and transformation.

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